Push Docker Image to Server[Docker Server Tunel] With out using DockerHub or Any Docker Registry

Prerequisites to Proceed Further

  1. Must have Docker Implemented Project
  2. Basic in Linux Commands
  3. Basic in Docker commands
  4. Remote server with ssh access using username and password

Build Docker image in Local Machine

docker build -t akshaykrisondevops/node-ec2 .
docker image build command
docker image building
docker images
docker images show

Docker Push to Remote Server From Local Machine

docker save akshaykrisondevops/node-ec2:latest | ssh -C root@<your_server_ip> docker load
  • docker save will produce a tar archive of one of your docker images (including its layers)
  • -C is for ssh to compress the data stream
  • docker load creates a docker image from a tar archive
docker push to remote from local
docker images




DevOps Engineer / Solution Architect- Calicut

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Akshay Krison

Akshay Krison

DevOps Engineer / Solution Architect- Calicut

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